Wrongful Death Case Evaluations Explained by a Pasadena Wrongful Death Attorney

Lady of Justice Pasadena Wrongful Death Attorney

A Pasadena wrongful death attorney can explain that insurance companies often begin their evaluation of the potential value of a claim by assessing the economic losses of the survivors. Then, they consider pain and suffering damages.

Survivor Claims

A Pasadena wrongful death lawyer can explain that most wrongful death claims are based on the notion that the defendant committed some negligent or wrongful act that caused the decedent’s death. The legal theory related to this type of claim is that the defendant’s actions have caused the heirs or beneficiaries to suffer. This claim is different than a personal injury claim, which focuses on the victim’s damages.

Claims for Damages

A Pasadena wrongful death attorney may go through a list of potential damages that are common in wrongful death cases. For example, you may have suffered damages due to the decedent’s lost earnings, his or her inability to provide support and for loss of consortium. If the decedent left behind a child, damages to provide for the child’s education or other living expenses until he or she reaches the age of majority may also be included.


The sex of the deceased can affect the value of a wrongful death claim. In addition to other factors such as the decedent’s job, profession, level of education, experience and training, sex serves as an index of the future earning power of the deceased. Male victims may result in a larger settlement amount due to their statistically higher rate of pay in the same profession. However, this can vary depending on the circumstances of the case and an analysis of the family unit at the time of the decedent’s death.

Legal Assistance from a Pasadena Wrongful Death Attorney

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