Understanding How Medical Mistakes Happen

Doctors and other medical professionals are not perfect, nor are they expected to be. Not all medical mistakes rise to the level of malpractice but if the doctor or other professional fails to act reasonably in providing patient care, it can lead to catastrophic consequences and a malpractice claim. Unreasonable conduct may result from things like:Pasadena medical malpractice Attorney

  • failure to take an adequate patient history
  • medication dosage errors
  • poor patient-nurse ratios
  • missed diagnosis, etc.

How to Help Prevent Malpractice From Happening To You
As a medical malpractice Lawyer can explain, the biggest thing you can do to help prevent falling victim to malpractice is to take charge of your own healthcare. Some good strategies include:

  • Becoming familiar with your own medical records
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Following your doctor’s treatment plan
  • Taking medication as prescribed
  • Carefully reading your medication bottles
  • Speaking up if something doesn’t seem right

Remember, you are your own best advocate when it comes to your health. Become an expert in whatever medical condition you’re being treated for. Do your homework. If you don’t feel your concerns are being heard by your doctor, then it may be time to find a new one. If you feel your doctor is rushing you through your appointments and doesn’t take the time to answer your questions, it may be time to seek treatment elsewhere.

If you feel you’ve been injured by a doctor’s mistake, contact an Attorney.

Malpractice claims are complex due to the strict filing deadlines and proof requirements. Contact an experienced Pasadena medical malpractice Attorney at The Paul S. Norris Law Firm if you suspect you’ve suffered injuries as a result of malpractice. Call (626) 993-4415 to set up a consultation.