Understanding How the Law Treats Slip and Fall Cases


Pasadena slip and fall LawyerProperty owners have varying duties to people who injure themselves on their premises. A Pasadena slip and fall Lawyer can review your case and help you understand who may be responsible and how your case is valued by an insurance company.

Understanding the Duty of Care Owed by Property Owners

Slip, trip, and fall law is complex and dependent on the reason the injured party had for being on the property. As a Pasadena slip and fall Attorney can explain, the property owner’s duty to you will depend on why you were there. The duty owed to three categories of victims is:

  • Business Invitee – If you were on the property for a business purpose(customer), then the owner owes a duty to warn you of dangers and regularly inspect the property to remove them.
  • Licensee – If you were a social guest of the owner, then he/she has to remove dangers that he/she should have known about and that you were unaware of.
  • Trespassers – Owners have no duty to trespassers other than not to harm them on purpose (i.e., they cannot set traps).

Understanding the Factors that Influence the Settlement Value of Your Case

If you have a case for a slip and fall Injury, you’ll likely file a claim against the owner’s property insurance. A Pasadena slip and fall Attorney can help you with this. Case valuation depends on a variety of factors. The legal duty owed is explained above. Once a duty has been established, adjusters look at the extent of your Injury. The more serious the Injury, the higher settlement value they’re likely to place on it. Your Attorney can assist you with preparing supporting documentation (medical bills, lost wage statements) you need.

An experienced Pasadena slip and fall Lawyer can analyse your case and give you a better understanding of how your case is valued and help you pursue a claim.