Understanding How Dog Bite Cases are Viewed

Pasadena dog bite LawyerDog bite attacks can cause devastating consequences and even result in death. A Pasadena Dog Bite Lawyer can explain some of the basics about how to pursue a claim if you or a loved one received injuries as a result of a dog bite.

The Basic Law in Dog Bite Cases

Dog bite cases are considered negligence cases. In general, the owner of the dog faces liability for injuries his/her dog inflicted. As the claimant, you have the burden of proving that the dog owner owed you a duty to refrain from putting you in harm’s way (this is usually fairly easy). You then have to prove the owner violated that duty in a way that caused you injury.

A Pasadena Dog Bite Attorney can review the laws in your state as well as any local ordinances that apply to pet owners in your area. Most localities have “leash laws.” If you were attacked by a dog that was unrestrained, this can make the case against the dog owner even stronger.

You then have to show that the injuries you sustained were caused by the owner’s negligence (in failing to restrain the dog, for example). Your attorney can help you compile medical records and other supporting documentation.

The Type of Compensation a Victim May Pursue

In a negligence case, courts essentially award damages (money) to compensate the victim for losses they sustained as a result of the Injury. In other words, the court attempts to make the victim whole. As a Pasadena Dog Bite Attorney will discuss, this usually includes compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering assuming the claimant successfully proves all elements of their claim to the court’s satisfaction. The dog owner may face criminal penalties as well, but that is not part of the victim’s injury case.

An experienced Pasadena Dog Bite Lawyer can review your case and help you decide how to pursue your claim. Contact the Attorneys at The Paul S. Norris Law Firm to set up a consultation at (626) 993-4415.