Things You Should Know If You’re Injured On Someone Else’s Property


If you sustain an Injury while on someone ePasadena premises liability Lawyerlse’s property, a Pasadena premises liability Lawyer can help you understand who is legally responsible and decide whether you should pursue a claim.

The Basic Law of Premises Liability

Premises liability cases are also known as “slip and fall” cases, though often, the accident is something other than a fall. In general, premises liability principles apply if you sustain an Injury while on the property of another. Like other negligence cases, premises liability cases require a claimant prove the following four elements:

  • Duty – the property owner owed a duty to protect the claimant from harm.
  • Breach – the property owner breached their duty to the claimant.
  • Causation – the claimant’s injuries were caused by the property owner’s breach of duty.
  • Damages – the claimant actually sustained Injury.

As a Pasadena premises liability Attorney will discuss, the damages element usually requires the claimant produce documentation of their Injury (medical records) and any other losses sustained as result of it (wages, other services etc.)

Most premises liability cases turn on defining the legal duty owned to the injured party. In essence, your reason for being on the property makes all the difference.

Why Your Reason for Being On Another’s Property Matters

Courts look at the injured party’s reason for being on the property to determine the legal duty owned to them. A Pasadena premises liability Attorney can explain to you that injured parties fall into three categories: business invitee, licensee, and trespassers.

  • Business Invitee – if you were a customer at a store or business, you’re owed the highest duty to keep you safe.
  • Licensees – these are usually social guests.
  • Trespassers

Property owners generally only have to refrain from hurting a trespasser on purpose.

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