How to Talk to Your Doctor When He/She Doesn’t Know What’s Wrong

Pasadena Personal Injury LawyerAs your Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyer can reassure you, you are your own best healthcare advocate. If you suspect your doctor hasn’t properly diagnosed you yet, here are some guidelines on things you can do about it.

If Your Doctor Can’t Determine What’s Wrong With You

Doctors aren’t infallible and medical testing isn’t perfect either. Sometimes, despite repeated attempts to find the source of your (or your child’s) symptoms, your doctor may draw a blank. If your doctor has ruled out conditions he/she suspected as the culprit, you may get an answer such as, “it’s probably nothing” or “it will likely go away on it’s own.” The good news is, the doctor is often right. But, you know your own body and if you still feel like something might be missed, you owe it to yourself to speak up. While it’s simple advice, many people feel intimidated by their doctors or don’t want to risk offending them.

Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself or your child where health matters are concerned.

Questions You Should Ask If the Doctor Seems Stumped

As a Pasadena Medical Malpractice Attorney can advise, it’s okay not to take no (or no problem) for an answer where your healthcare is concerned. One of the simplest questions to ask if you’re not satisfied with the doctor’s diagnosis (or lack of diagnosis) is this:

What else do you think could be causing my symptoms?

There is usually a spectrum of conditions that may be causing your symptoms. Most of them are probably benign or not life threatening. By prompting the doctor to go through the entire spectrum of possible causes, this can lead to fresh ideas for evaluation. The goal is to take charge of your healthcare and prevent a missed diagnosis of a life threatening condition early on.

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