Why Reading Your Own Medical Records is Good For Your Health

Pasadena medical malpractice LawyerRoutinely reviewing your own medical records can greatly improve your health and medical care. A Pasadena Medical Malpractice Lawyer can explain how.

Reviewing Your Own Medical Records Can Help You Follow Your Doctor’s Treatment Plan

If you want to improve the medical care you receive and, in turn, improve your health, you need to actively participate in your own treatment. One of the best ways to do this is to ask to review your own medical records. Patients are sometimes reluctant to do this for fear of offending their doctor. Remember, your medical records belong to you. If your doctor seems reluctant to cooperate, he/she may not be the right doctor for you anyway.

By reviewing and understanding what your medical records say about their condition and treatment, a patient goes from being a passive to active participant in his/her own health care. It can even help reinforce the doctor’s treatment plan, helping you to follow it. If you have concerns about what the doctor says, becoming familiar with your records can help you form better questions when you meet with your doctor.

Reviewing Medical Records Can Help Catch Mistakes

When you take the time to review your doctor’s notes, test results, and other information in your record, you can make sure that the information reported is accurate. As Pasadena Personal Injury Attorneys know, devastating medical mistakes can happen as a result of errors in a medical record. For example, if a patient is allergic to a particular type of drug but his/her records misreports it, this can expose that patient to a life threatening accident. Additionally, if you reported something to your doctor but it didn’t make it into the record, you can ask that it be corrected.

Remember, you can make your own best health care advocate.

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