Practical Ways to Protect Your Children From Injuries in the Home

Pasadena Personal Injury AttorneyAccording to the Centers for Disease Control, more than nine million children under age 19 are seen in the E.R. each year for preventable injuries that occurred in the home. In this article, a Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney discusses some of the more common causes of home injuries and what you can do to prevent them.

Injuries from Burns

Burns are a common cause of injuries in the home. Burns can be chemical, thermal, electrical, scalding, or sun-exposure related. Make sure to keep all household cleaners under lock and key or in a place you child can’t access. Keep electrical outlets covered. Carefully supervise your children during bath time or when you’re preparing meals. Children are drawn to hot ovens and stovetops.

Injuries from Accident Poisoning

Accidental poisonings can stem from a variety of causes. Keep all medication out of your child’s reach as well as household cleaners. Make sure you have the number to poison control handy.

Injuries from Falls

Playgrounds, stairs, and open windows are often the culprit during accidental falls. Make sure you use child-safe playground equipment and baby gates or barriers. Windows, particularly on upper floors can pose a hazard so make sure they remain locked. In older homes, you may even consider purchasing a window guard that fits over the frame.

Injuries from Drowning or Near-Drowning

Accidental drownings can cause significant injury and death. If your child is unable to swim, make them wear an appropriate life jacket or flotation device at all times, even when they are playing near but not in the pool.

Adequate supervision can prevent most if not all of the most common types of home accidents. Make sure to watch your children at all times. As Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyers know, it can take only seconds before trouble happens.

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