A Pasadena Catastrophic Injury Lawyer on Catastrophic Injury Cases

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A personal injury claim in which the injured plaintiff has sustained a catastrophic injury is a far different case than a typical act of negligence. Whereas the general rule of negligence cases requires the liable defendant to pay monetary damages designed to make the plaintiff whole again, the victim in a catastrophic injury case often has permanent injuries and in some cases even the most skilled doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong. A great deal of skill and experience are required of a Pasadena catastrophic injury lawyer if he is to achieve a fair settlement.

The Nature of a Catastrophic Injury

Although no precise definition exists, an injury deemed catastrophic is one characterized by severe harm to the victim that is disfiguring, disabling and either of long-term duration or permanency. Although injuries such as those to the spinal column or brain, or a loss of limb or vision, are immediately recognized as catastrophic, any injury that prevents you from working in the capacity in which you once did, or prevents living as you did, can be considered catastrophic.

Calculating Damages

Damages in any personal injury case must be proven and calculable, and not speculative. This is true for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include such expenses as medical bills and personal care. The difficulty in a catastrophic injury case is in the uncertainty the future holds for the victim. Calculations must consider what the cost of treatment and care will be for however long the plaintiff’s condition is expected to last, which may be a lifetime. Lost wages, both present and future, also considered economic damages, must similarly be determined. Non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of the enjoyment of life, although very real, are more difficult to prove and quantify. The proof of damages in a catastrophic injury case will almost certainly require expert witness testimony.

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