What You Need to Know If You Have a Bus Accident Case

Pasadena Bus accident LawyerInjury claims for accidents involving buses differ a bit from “traditional” motor vehicle accident claims in both their nature and procedure. A Pasadena Bus Accident Lawyer can tell you what you need to know.

Issues Concerning Fault in Bus Accident Cases

Like any other type of motor vehicle accident, bus injuries can run the spectrum to minor bumps and bruises to catastrophic injury and death. If you were injured while riding on a bus, a Pasadena Bus Accident Attorney can help you determine who may be at fault. If your bus was struck by another driver of say, a car, you may have a claim against that driver’s insurance much like a more traditional negligence claim.

If it was the bus driver who was at fault, then the procedures for seeking compensation will differ a bit. In most cases, public transportation like buses are owned by a municipality. It could be a city bus or even a school bus. In that instance, in addition to suing the negligent driver, your attorney may also pursue a claim against the city.

How to File an Accident Claim

Car and bus drivers should be covered by insurance. Therefore, a claim for injuries sustained in a bus accident would be filed against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy (whether it a city-owned bus, or another driver). An adjuster will be assigned to the case who will then investigate the claim. You’ll be expected to cooperate with that investigation by providing a statement and producing supporting documentation such as medical bills and records regarding lost wages. Your Pasadena Bus Accident Attorney will help.

If the insurance company denies the claim, you may have to file a lawsuit. Your attorney will help ensure that you meet deadlines like a statute of limitations by filing all the appropriate paperwork with the court.

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