Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Accident Claims

Do I Have to Sue My Employer for My Construction Accident Injuries?

Pasadena Construction accident AttorneyIf you’ve been injured on a construction site and the injury took place while you were on the job, you’ll likely have to file a claim for workers’ compensation with your employer. Workers’ compensation is the exclusive remedy for on-the-job injuries. This means you can’t sue your employer in court if you’re covered under a workers’ compensation policy. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether your employer did anything improper or was negligent during the accident. Your claim goes to their insurance company. A Lawyer can help you file your claim.

What If My Employer Doesn’t Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

If your employer doesn’t have workers’ compensation insurance (your Pasadena Construction Accident Lawyer can help determine if they’re required to), then you may have to sue them for negligence if they refuse to compensate you for your injuries.

How Does the Court Decide If My Employer Was Negligent?

If you have to sue your employer in court, your claim will depend on whether your employer acted reasonably in ensuring your safety in the workplace. Your Attorney can help investigate whether you were given adequate safety equipment and training, etc. Also, your own behavior will be at issue. If you contributed to your own injuries (drinking on the job, failing to follow protocol, etc.), this can reduce or preclude your ability to recover damages for compensation.

How Do I Know How Much My Case Is Worth?

Your case value depends on things such as the extent of your injury, your prognosis, supporting documentation and whether you contributed to your Injury. A Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyer can help understand a realistic settlement value amount but can offer no guarantees about whether your case will settle or for how much.

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