When a Firing May Lead to a Wrongful Termination Claim


Pasadena wrongful termination LawyerWrongful discharge cases can be complicated to prove and pursue. A Pasadena wrongful termination Lawyer can analyze whether an employer’s conduct may lead to an actionable claim for damages.

Understanding The Employer/Employee Relationship

As a Pasadena wrongful termination Attorney can explain, most jobs qualify as “at will.” This means that to a large extent, an employer is free to fire an employee for any reason or no reason at any time. That said, a variety of exceptions apply to this general rule that may provide a recourse for an employee who has been wrongfully fired.

Types of Firings That May Lead to a Wrongful Termination Case

Contract/Collective Bargaining Agreements
While many employment relationships fall under the “at will” rule as described above, if you have a contract or collective bargaining agreement, your employer may need to follow certain procedural steps before firing you. A Pasadena wrongful termination Attorney can review an employment contract and discuss legal options in the event of a firing.

Discrimination or Civil Rights Violations
At both the state and federal level, employees are protected against discrimination in the work place. This means that employers cannot terminate or alter the working conditions of their employees based solely on their gender, race, religion, national origin, creed, age or disability. This also includes sexual harassment. If you believe your termination was based on a discriminatory purpose, you may be able to file a claim at either the state or federal level. An Attorney can help you determine what to file and where. Discrimination claims must be filed within rigid statutes of limitations so make sure you consult with an Attorney right away.

Whistle-Blower/Retaliatory Discharge
Courts generally protect employees who are filed in retaliation for either making a discrimination claim or reporting unlawful activities on the part of the employer. Again, an Attorney can review whether you have a viable claim.

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