You Are Your Own Best Advocate When It Comes to Improving Your Health Care

Personal Injury AttorneyInjury and illness are a fact of life. We’ll all face issues with our own health or our loved one’s. A Personal Injury Attorney can offer some practical guidelines for improving your own health care by becoming your own best advocate.

Become an Expert in Your Own Care

When you see your doctor for an injury or illness, you should take an active instead of passive role in your own treatment. If something doesn’t feel right or if you don’t understand what your doctor is saying, ask questions. Come to the appointment prepared with questions and write down your list of symptoms so you don’t forget when the doctor is in the room with you.

Your Doctor’s Behavior Matters

If you feel rushed by your doctor or if you notice him or her being rude to other staff members, this may impact the level of care your receive. If supporting staff are intimidated by the supervising doctor, they may not feel comfortable speaking up if they see something wrong. As a lawyer can counsel, this might lead to a life threatening missed opportunity for you. If your doctor tries to rush you out the door, find another one.

Know Where to Seek Treatment

If you need to seek medical treatment for a serious Injury or illness, know where you’re going. The urgent care office down the street may be the most convenient, but if you’re suffering from a life-threatening medical condition, they may not be equipped to treat you properly there. As a Personal Injury Lawyer can advise, any delays in proper care can have devastating consequences. Find out if your favorite hospital has a Level I trauma center. Level I trauma centers are rated as such because they provide the highest level of care for patients, including staffing minimums for surgeons, nurses and other medical specialists.

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