Some Basic Facts About Truck Accident Cases

Motor vehiclPasadena truck accident Lawyere accidents involving trucks can cause catastrophic injuries. A knowledgeable Pasadena Truck Accident Lawyer can explain the basic facts about pursuing a claim for injuries.

How Truck Cases Differ From Other Types of Motor Vehicle Claims

Due to the size and nature of trucks, the potential for injury to other drivers on the road increases significantly. That said, truck cases are similar to claims involving other motor vehicles in the sense that they both involve negligence. Negligence claims require that the injured party prove the at-fault party’s actions constituted negligence (or breach of a duty to keep others reasonably safe). Under state and federal law, truck drivers must adhere to safety standards involving the way they drive and the truck itself. Therefore, if a truck driver is at fault and he/she violated those additional safety standards, this can strengthen the injury claim of the victim.

The claimant must then prove that their loss or injuries were actually caused by the driver’s negligence. If no injury was sustained, there is no legal negligence. A claimant should expect to have to prove their Injury by, among other things, providing documentation from their doctor, hospital or other care providers. If there is a claim for lost wages or other services, these must also be supported by appropriate documentation. A Pasadena Truck Accident Attorney can help compile and organize these documents and work with the insurance adjuster on their client’s behalf.

Who Is Legally Responsible in a Truck Accident Case?

In general, the at-fault driver may be legally responsible to the victim. In a truck case, the driver may work for a company or other individual. If so, the claimant’s Pasadena Truck Accident Attorney can determine whether a claim can also be made against the company for the negligent actions of their driver.

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