Age, Race, and Sex Discrimination Explained by a Pasadena Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Three of the most common types of illegal discrimination in the workplace are age, race, and sex discrimination. If you believe you have been subject to any of these types of discrimination, you will want to contact a Pasadena Employment Discrimination Attorney. These claims can be very difficult to prove and an experienced attorney can help review your options and possible damages.

Age Discrimination

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Age discrimination generally involves an employer treating an employee negatively because of his or her age. You should be aware that age discrimination laws only protect older workers age 40 or older. Younger workers are not protected by age discrimination laws.

Typical scenarios where you may see age discrimination include hiring younger workers, laying off older workers, posting a job advertisement excluding applicants based on age, and creating a hostile work environment for older workers.

Race Discrimination

Race discrimination typically involves treating someone differently based on the color of his or her skin. For example, an employer may not hire salespeople or staff of only one race. Race discrimination laws also prohibit job decisions based on characteristics associated with race like hair texture, facial features, name, voice, and skin complexion.

Overt race discrimination is relatively rare. However, many employers do engage in less obvious forms of race discrimination such as adopting certain tests or hiring requirements. In these cases, you will want to talk to an attorney to learn about proving disparate impact.

Sex Discrimination

Sex discrimination encompasses treating someone differently based on gender as well as sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment based on sex. Common types of gender discrimination include hiring fewer employees of a particular sex, providing fewer opportunities for advancement, and generally paying one gender lower than the other.

Contact a Pasadena Employment Discrimination Lawyer

If you have a question about age, race, or gender discrimination, make sure you discuss your case with an attorney. You should not have to live with illegal discrimination at work. Schedule a consultation with an attorney at The Paul S. Norris Law Firm by calling 626-993-4415 and learn how we can help.