Pasadena Wrongful Death Attorney Discusses Case Assessment

pasadena wrongful deathWhen a Pasadena wrongful death lawyer must assist in the placement of value on a wrongful death, certain influences must be considered.

What Is Involved

When you lose someone who has been part of your life, attempting to arrive at some sort of compensatory figure seems overwhelming, perhaps even impossible. It must be done, however, and there are a number of things that you, your attorney and the insurance company will look at.

Lost Income

One of the aspects of assigning a value to a wrongful death case concerns the loss of the earnings that the decedent would have amassed if nothing had happened. Interviews with employers and supervisory staff can help to project future promotions, raises or bonuses, while payroll records can stand as testimony to his immediate income level. For someone just entering the work force or someone with a sporadic employment record, evaluation of the hiring market and job trends may be helpful. Interviews with collegiate vocational counselors may be of assistance for students and recent college graduates.

Loss Of Familial Companionship And Consortium

Second only to loss of earnings, the emotional loss caused by the death of a loved one forms a major part of the assessment.

Resident Or Non-Resident Alien

In the case of the wrongful death of a resident alien, the evaluation is made as though the decedent were a U.S. citizen. In non-resident alien cases, the evaluation will be made based on the legalities in effect in the country in which the decedent held citizenship.

Projected Loss And Final Expenses

Consideration is given to mortuary costs, although their role is not central to the evaluation. When the insurer assesses the case, any liabilities found will be deducted from the settlement once a figure has been accepted that represents the survivors’ projected losses.

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