A Pasadena Dog Bite Attorney Addresses The Defense Medical Exam

Pasadena Dog Bite Attorney Close Crop on Doctor with Arms CrossedIn a dog bite lawsuit, the opposition will probably expect you to be seen by a physician of their choosing. In this blog, a Pasadena dog bite lawyer discusses what to keep in mind and what not to do.

What To Remember

This is not your doctor. The likely purpose of the visit is not to treat your injuries, but to examine you for any factors other than the bite that might account for them. Routine measurements such as respiration, reflexes, heart rate and blood pressure will undoubtedly be taken, just as they would in any exam. The defense physician may evaluate how easily or with what difficulty you move, perform a visual inspection or require clinical tests such as x-rays, MRI’s or other diagnostics. These tests must be performed on the day of your visit, as you are not required to come back a second time. If the physician insists on another visit for testing purposes, courteously refer him or her to your attorney.

Waivers And Consent Forms

Do not sign any type of liability waiver, consent form for diagnostic testing or medical procedures, or other such document without express authorization from your attorney. Neither should the opposition’s physician require your insurance card or any document authorizing payment from you for the doctor’s services. Again, if the physician’s office insists in such demands, refer them to your attorney with all appropriate courtesy.

Speak to a Pasadena Dog Bite Attorney

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