A Pasadena Car Accident Attorney Explains the Claims Adjustment Process

Pasadena car accident attorneyA claim that arrives at the office is initially assigned a claim adjuster based on the territory and the size of the location. In smaller states with population of 2 million people or less, the accident lawyers are probably familiar with many adjusters from both national and local carriers. A Pasadena car accident attorney can tell you that this is less likely in larger states, due to large adjuster turnover rates and the possibility of multiple adjusters handling a case over time.

To move their files quickly, adjusters will check them regularly and “diary” their cases. Because an adjuster may have to handle anywhere between 100 to 200 files at a given time, he or she can’t afford to spend more than a few minutes on an average claim in a week. An adjuster can receive favorable performance evaluation as well as raises and bonuses if he or she can achieve the following:

  • Settle many cases within or considerably below his or her settlement authority;
  • Settle cases quickly; or
  • Settle cases while using the least amount of office resources and money.

A Pasadena Car Accident Lawyer Discusses the Role of Secretaries and Clerks

Claims offices will also employ a number of claims secretaries and claims clerks, who aren’t given any real authority or responsibility other than date stamping documents that arrive at the office and that will be referred to an appropriate adjuster.

A Lawyer’s Expertise

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