How Your Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyer Will Use the Deposition for Trial

Pasadena personal injury lawyerDepositions can be very helpful as trial tools. Consult with a Pasadena personal injury lawyer to learn more about what depositions can do for you.

Impeachment of Witnesses

During a properly conducted deposition, a witness will be locked into only one story regarding the facts of the case. If the witness changes his original testimony at trial, the individual can be impeached with his or her deposition testimony.

Deposition Testimony Can Substitute for a Live Testimony

In certain jurisdictions, an attorney will be able to to read a deposition instead of a live testimony. The rules regarding this exception vary by jurisdictions, but, generally, a witness can be excused if he or she is sick, has passed away or cannot be subpoenaed. Additional rules may apply if an attorney wishes to read depositions from other cases. Your Pasadena personal injury lawyer will review the rules of the jurisdiction regarding this matter.

In fact, an experienced lawyer will consistently review the rules of jurisdiction concerning the usage of deposition. He knows that depositions are a versatile trial tool and will confirm that his deposition strategies will be allowed in a given jurisdiction.

The Location of Deposition

The location of the deposition is not an important issue in your case. If the location is spacious enough for the witnesses, lawyers and court reporter, it will be suitable for a deposition room. Here are some general rules regarding the deposition location:

  • Common deposition locations are the offices of lawyers involved in the case;
  • If the witness is a doctor, then his office will almost always host a deposition.
  • For depositions set to occur out of town, a hotel conference room, a court reporter’s office or the office of an attorney (not connected to the case) can be used as deposition rooms.

On the other hand, there is some strategic value to choosing a specific location. Many attorneys feel that their clients will feel more at ease taking depositions at their own office instead of an opposing lawyer’s office. Both sides can negotiate to reach such an arrangement.

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