A Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney Addresses Healthcare Provider Concerns

Pasadena personal injury attorneyOne of the tasks that your Pasadena personal injury attorney has to do is evaluate information provided by your healthcare providers. These medical professionals may have a variety of concerns that Pasadena personal injury lawyers can address.

Believing That the Patient Can Work

Some healthcare providers believe that nobody should be considered disabled unless he or she is basically bedridden. The healthcare provider may believe that the patient can work at a regular full-time job. However, even if the patient can perform some work activities, he or she may not be found to be disabled. The older the applicant, the more job functions he or she can perform and still be found disabled. Additionally, disability forms still provide useful information pertaining to the impact of isolated physical limitations that the attorney is hoping to emphasize.

Damaging the Claimant’s Case

Some doctors are afraid that they will say something that will damage their patient’s claims and feel bad about charging for services that will ultimately be used against the claimant. Other doctors may have their patients’ best interests at heart but may inadvertently damage the claimant’s case by exaggerating the patient’s symptoms. If the Social Security Administration determines that the healthcare provider’s information is not credible, the entire opinion can be factually dismissed even if other portions of the opinion may have been helpful to the claimant’s case. A Pasadena personal injury attorney can talk about a healthcare provider’s concern with them.

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