Case Evaluation Checklist

personal injury lawyer PasadenaWhen you discuss your case with personal injury lawyer Pasadena for the first time, he or she will need to acquire a variety of information before deciding to take your case. This information will also help your personal injury lawyer Pasadena decide the best method to proceed with your case.

Statutes of Limitation

One of the first inquiries that an attorney will make is whether there are any applicable statutes of limitation regarding your case. If any have begun to run or if any have expired, the attorney will determine which viable causes of action still remain. If none have expired, the attorney will compute the dates when the statute of limitation will run or expire.

Identification of the Parties

A personal injury attorney Pasadena will look at who are the plausible defendants early in the case. Additionally, an attorney will consider which court will have jurisdiction over prospective defendants. As part of this identification, an attorney will also try to determine what resources are available to help the defendant pay for a judgment or settlement. For example, attorneys will look into whether prospective defendants had insurance coverage that can cover the accident or significant assets to satisfy a judgment.


An attorney will want to identify a client’s injuries early in the process. He or she will want to know if any of the injuries are permanent. He or she will also want to review any documentation pertaining to the injuries.

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