What You Can Do When the Insurance Company Refuses to Settle

Pasadena personal injury attorneyIf your insurance company does not meet your settlement demand, or refuses to offer any satisfactory settlement, an experienced Pasadena personal injury attorney can help you navigate your options towards reaching a desirable settlement.

Possibility of Litigation

In many cases, personal injury attorneys and insurance companies do not see eye to eye on the value of a case. When this happens, your lawyer may want to start lawsuit proceedings, which is known as litigation. Your lawyer may believe that filing a lawsuit will either get you a favorable result in court or, more likely, push the insurance company into increasing their settlement offer. This suit is rarely brought up against the insurance company but rather against those individuals or groups responsible for your injuries.

It may be in your best interest to wait a while before beginning the suit to see if the insurance company changes their offer. However, if the offer is too far away from what you feel you deserve, litigation may be your only option. Your attorney will advise you on whether it is in your best interest to continue waiting or to go ahead and file a claim in court.

Factors That Will Affect Your Case

There are a number of factors that might cause your case to not settle. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The insurance company believes you are asking for more than the case deserves;
  • The insurance company believes that you may be partially or entirely to blame for the incident;
  • The insurance company is denying fault by those they represent;
  • The insurance company is deliberately stalling so you reduce your claim’s value;
  • The policy of the insurance company is to force you to go to court to receive payment; or
  • The insurance company believes you are filing a fraudulent claim and are not actually injured, or your injuries are lesser than you reported.

Contact a Lawyer Today

For more information on how to file a claim in court if you are not satisfied with the insurance company offer, contact Pasadena personal injury attorney The Paul S. Norris Law Firm at 626-993-4415.

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