Wrongful Death Evaluation

Pasadena personal injury lawyerOne of the first questions that a Pasadena personal injury lawyer is asked is the value of the client’s claim. This amount can be different for every wrongful death claim. Here are a few factors that a Pasadena personal injury lawyer may explain may impact your case.

General Damages

One of the form of damages that may affect the value of your case is general damages. These include damages for pain and suffering. Additionally, they may include loss of support and loss of consortium. Other damages may include loss of earnings. Some insurance companies may agree to creating periodic payments to help cover the costs of a dependent’s education or to provide income to a widow or widower during his or her remaining lifetime.


Another factor that a Pasadena personal injury lawyer may explain may impact the value of a wrongful death claim is the sex of the decedent. The person’s sex can help predict the amount of income that he or she would have had if he or she had survived. This factor may also take into account other characteristics, such as the individual’s level of education, professional experience and training. For example, men may receive higher pay in certain professions, making their claim more valuable than for a deceased woman’s wrongful death.

If you would like more information on how to assess the value of your wrongful death claim, contact a Pasadena personal injury attorney with the Paul S. Norris Law Firm by calling 626-993-4415 and scheduling a consultation.

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