Win or Lose: What Happens After Your Personal Injury Trial

Pasadena personal injury law firmA personal injury case doesn’t end at trial. Whether you win or lose, your Pasadena personal injury law firm can walk you through what happens next after you have your verdict.

If You’ve Won Your Personal Injury Lawsuit
Certainly, the best trial outcome for a personal injury claimant is a winning verdict. However, your case doesn’t end there. It can take a few weeks or even months before you see a check. The attorneys must finalize the figures, including deductions for court costs and attorney fees. Additionally, the losing side has a certain amount of time to file an appeal if they feel it’s warranted. If so, your case could go on for a number of years if no settlement is reached.

If You’ve Lost Your Personal Injury Lawsuit
In the event the verdict does not go in your favor, your attorney can discuss your legal options. The biggest decision you’ll have to make is whether to appeal. Appeals can be expensive and time consuming for both sides. Therefore, the defendant may still wish to settle with you to avoid an appeal. If so, the figure will likely be far less than they offered prior to trial. Additionally, not every case is appropriate for appeal. Your Pasadena personal injury attorney can discuss whether you have viable grounds to go forward.

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