Watch Out for Improper Insurance Denials

 personal injury lawyer in PasadenaAs any personal injury lawyer in Pasadena can tell you, insurance adjusters frequently complicate the process of recovering damages by denying claims that are actually legitimate. In fact, policyholders and claimants often make the mistake of believing adjusters, and ultimately fail to recover that to which they are entitled.

Identifying an Improper Denial

Your personal injury lawyer in Pasadena can help you spot telltale signs that a denial letter is improper, such as:

• There is no mention of specific policy provisions in the denial letter;
• The insurer quotes language supposedly from its policy, but that language does not actually exist;
• The insurer does not provide copies of the policy, nor do they state the claim-related facts in the denial letter, indicating they never conducted an investigation;
• The denial refers to irrelevant policy exclusions or conditions;
• The insurer asserts further policy defenses after its initial denial;
• The carrier asks for more information about the claim, which may be used against you later on;
• The carrier doesn’t meet with you before denying the claim but asks for irrelevant or unnecessary information through “form letter” requests; or
• The provider tries to rescind coverage and argues that you committed material misrepresentations in your initial application

Protect Your Rights

Insurance companies do not always have your best interests in mind. When you’re struggling to recover after an accident, you need the support of a personal injury lawyer in Pasadena to help you stand up to insurance company ploys. Call a personal injury attorney in Pasadena at the Paul S. Norris Law Firm at 626-993-4415 to get the advocacy you deserve.

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