Understanding How Insurance Adjusters View a Claimant’s Behavior

San Gabriel personal injury lawyerIn addition to scrutinizing your claim for injury damages, an insurance adjuster may make certain judgments about your behavior that can impact any settlement offers. A San Gabriel personal injury lawyer can discuss your legal options and prepare you for what to expect.

The Suit-Happy Claimant
Adjusters will research your background with the same thoroughness as your injuries. If you have a history of making injury claims or filing lawsuits, this can raise red flags for the adjuster. In turn, this can impact the adjuster’s willingness to offer settlement on your case. A San Gabriel personal injury attorney can negotiate with the adjuster on your behalf and seek to minimize or explain previous litigation. For example, if your previous claim involved a different body part, this should be emphasized.

The “Quick on the Trigger” Claimant
Adjusters review statements you make to the police and the timing of events related to your accident. Of particular concern to an adjuster is when a claimant calls a personal injury lawyer the same day or even at the scene of the accident. Anything that alerts the adjuster that you are “claims conscious” can impede your ability to get a reasonable settlement offer from the insurance company. Your injury lawyer can discuss your options if this happens and work toward assuaging the adjuster’s concerns.

An experienced San Gabriel personal injury lawyer can deal with the insurance adjuster on your behalf. To set up a consultation with the law offices of Paul S. Norris, call 626-993-4415.

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