Trial Procedure – Opening, Plaintiff

San Gabriel County personal injury attorneyA San Gabriel County Personal Injury Attorney Outlines How A Trial Begins And Proceeds

If you have ever wondered whether or not your courtroom trial will resemble what you see on television, your San Gabriel County personal injury attorney can shed some light on what actually happens.

Sequence Of Events

Most trials follow a fairly precise sequence of events. This may or may not bear any likeness to trials shown in television dramas. The usual procedures, barring differences due to jurisdictional regulations, are as follows assuming that yours is not a particularly complicated case:

a. All involved personnel will be chosen and called into the courtroom by the judge.
b. A random lottery provides the pool of potential jurors.
c. Attorneys from each side will speak to the potential jurors in order to discover any possible bias and to determine who may or may not be friendly to their case. This process is referred to as “voir dire.” Depending on the jurisdiction, it may be the judge instead of the attorney who speaks to the jurors.
d. The attorneys may decide to ask that a juror be dismissed for several reasons during the voir dire process.
e. When this process is finished, each attorney will present opening remarks that give a précis of the case. These normally last for less than half an hour.
f. At this point your San Gabriel County personal injury lawyer will present testimony from witnesses, from you and from others, thus making your case.
g. The opposition will then have the chance to question each witness, including yourself. When the opposing attorney has finished, your own counsel can conduct re-direct examination by asking some more questions.

Get The Facts

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