Tips for Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases

Pasadena personal injury lawyerIf your personal injury case is going to be litigated, your trial will be the most important part of your case. It is crucial to be the best witness possible and provide good testimony, says a Pasadena personal injury lawyer.

How to Be a Good Witness

  • Have a polite and professional demeanor. You should be courteous to everyone you meet including all court personnel, opposing counsel and the judge. This will help you make a good impression on the jury. You should address the opposing counsel as either “Ma’am” or “Sir” and the judge as “Your Honor.”
  • It is not a good idea to try being humorous or funny. This kind of behavior may leave the jury with the wrong impression of you. If something funny happens, it’s ok to laugh if others are laughing. Other than that, a trial is a serious matter and should be treated with an attitude of respect.
  • It is not a good idea to embellish the truth or exaggerate. This is much more likely to hurt your case than it is to help it.
  • Dress in a manner that is appropriate for court. In other words, you should not dress in flashy, revealing or casual clothes. Choose an outfit that you would wear to a business meeting or a church function.
  • Avoid any mention of insurance. If you do mention insurance or anything related to it, the judge might declare a mistrial. If a mistrial is declared, you’ll have to wait for a new trial date.

A Pasadena personal injury lawyer can help you  prepare for all phases of your personal injury case including the deposition and trial. To schedule a confidential appointment with a Pasadena personal injury attorney, call The Paul S. Norris Law Firm at 626-993-4415.

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