The Roles of Claims Managers and Supervisors

Pasadena personal injury attorneysWhen you file a personal injury claim with an insurance company, it goes to an adjuster for processing. In the paragraphs below, Pasadena personal injury attorneys explain how insurance claims departments are structured.

Large Vs. Small Carriers

Insurance companies vary widely according to how large or small they are, where they are located and their fundamental ideals and goals. Just as there is variation among insurers, there is similar variation in their claims departments and how they approach a claim. Major insurers have the resources to deal with court cases. They can handle the expense and their losses are unlikely to amount to any appreciable sums, especially in minor cases. These companies can afford to take a cautious stance when it comes to settling such a case, while a smaller company that does not have the immense resources available to their larger counterparts may be somewhat more willing to compromise.

Structure of the Claims Office

Like any other major organization, there is a specific hierarchy in the claims departments of insurance carriers. Operations are supervised by the claims manager, who may have responsibility for several claims offices. This person watches over how claims are processed, what settlements are offered and the possibility of legal action. He or she is normally the decision-maker in minor to intermediate cases and reports to the corporate general manager or vice-president of claims.

The next level subordinate to the manager is the claims supervisor. This person holds an intermediate level of authority and is responsible for the daily operations of the staff who handle the claims directly. These are the adjusters, sometimes referred to as claims technicians. It is at this level that the processing of the claim takes place. One claims supervisor, depending upon the size of the organization, may oversee from a few to upwards of perhaps twenty claims adjusters, and will report directly to the claims manager. In a smaller organization, the claims supervisor may carry authority similar to that wielded by a claims manager in a major insurance carrier.

If You Are Filing a Personal Injury Claim

It is helpful for you to understand how claims departments are structured as your claim is processed. Your Pasadena personal injury lawyers have the expertise, education and experience to act in your behalf. Contact The Paul S. Norris Law Firm by calling 626-993-4415 today to get started working on your claim.

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