The Roles of the Claims Adjusters, Secretarial and Clerical Staff

Pasadena personal injury lawyers As they represent their clients, Pasadena personal injury lawyers often work closely with insurance adjusters and their clerical staff. This article discusses the role of these individuals in the processing of personal injury claims.

The Adjuster

In sparsely populated states, an attorney may become fairly well-acquainted with insurance adjusters at the regional and national levels, while the rate of adjusters coming and going from major carriers in more densely populated states might preclude the development of much of a rapport. Given the size of the company and the rate of turnover, one claim may pass from one to two or perhaps even more adjusters before processing is completed. Assignment of claims to adjusters is normally by regional territory or by the size of the claim.


Insurance adjusters often have enormous caseloads to work through. Although they take what steps they reasonably can to keep the cases on track and moving forward, the sheer size of their caseload can range into the hundreds. This makes it quite difficult for these very busy people to devote a great deal of time to any one case. Instead, they may work as many as one or two hundred cases simultaneously and try to move them all forward consistently. In fairness, this is not an easy task.

How Adjusters Are Rated

Performance evaluations for insurance adjusters are directly related to their settlement rate, their ability to settle for amounts that are lower than their allotted limits, how quickly they can settle each case with minimal expense to the company and how well they are able to spare the company’s resources. Therefore, it is in the adjuster’s best interests to settle each case as inexpensively and expeditiously as possible.

Clerical Staff

These people make up the rank and file. They organize and maintain the case files, keep the office running smoothly, deal with the public and are usually the first to experience contact with a claimant or the claimant’s legal counsel.

Your Case Matters

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