Role of the Personal Injury Attorney

Pasadena personal injury attorney	As you progress with your claim, your Pasadena personal injury attorney plays a more important role. After meeting with you, your Pasadena personal injury attorney will commence the investigation of your claim.

Information to Review

A Pasadena personal injury attorney may review the following information in anticipation of your case:

  • Police report;
  • Statements of witnesses;
  • Scene of the accident;
  • Review of relevant statutory and case law; and
  • Medical reports.

Additionally, your personal injury lawyer may consider hiring a private investigator to look into other portions of the accident that he or she may not be able to get by him or herself.

Insurance Information

In addition to performing an investigation, your lawyer may contact the insurance company that insures the defendant in the case. He or she will take care of communications between you and the insurance company. Additionally, your attorney will stay in touch with you in order to ensure the following:

  • You are following the instructions of your treating physician;
  • You are striving to recover from the injuries that you suffered in the accident;
  • You are maintaining and remitting copies of medical bills and other expenses associated with the accident;
  • You are maintaining records for the loss of income that you have suffered; and
  • Witnesses are available to provide testimony.

You can provide assistance to your Pasadena personal injury lawyer by signing medical release authorization forms. Your attorney can get medical records and review them as your physician sends them to you.

If you would like to know more about how a personal injury attorney can assist your case, contact the Paul S. Norris Law Firm by calling (626) 993-4415 and setting up a confidential consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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