Proper Preparation When You Are about to Be Deposed

Pasadena catastrophic injury attorneyThe prospect of being deposed in your personal injury case can be an intimidating one. In this article, a Pasadena catastrophic injury attorney shares some information that will be helpful to you.

Making the Preparations

This is something you and your legal counsel will do together. Your attorney will work closely with you so that you are ready for the questions that are likely to be asked of you and so that you will know what to do and how to behave. You will have more than adequate time to fully prepare yourself. As you and your lawyer prepare, give consideration to the items listed below:

• The key word for how to dress is professional. You should look neat, well-groomed, clean and respectable.
• Completely familiarize yourself with all interrogatories or documentation that your lawyer has given to you. Go through them in depth so that you fully understand them.
• Be completely honest when answering questions whether the truth reflects well on you or not; never lie.
• Stay calm and keep your emotions under control. Be polite and respectful and resist the temptation to argue with the opposition’s attorney.
• Don’t anticipate what the attorney might say. Listen to the entire question, then frame your reply. Give adequate thought to your response before you make it—there is no rush. Take your time and be certain you completely understand what is being asked of you. Don’t let opposing counsel trick you with rapid-fire or misleading questions.
• Stay on point. Say only what you must to answer the question and once it is answered, stop unless you are specifically asked to elaborate.
• Form your words precisely, use sufficient volume that they can hear you and give the defense attorney your entire attention.

The First Step

Naturally, your first step in preparing for your deposition is to seek skilled, experienced legal counsel by contacting your Pasadena catastrophic injury lawyer. Call The Paul S. Norris Law Firm at 626-993-4415 and ensure that you are properly and adequately prepared today.

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