Pain Questionnaire

Pasadena personal injury attorneyOne of the issues of your case that your Pasadena personal injury lawyer may wish to flesh out is your level of pain. Unlike bone or nervous system problems, pain is more subjective and can impact individuals differently, as your Pasadena personal injury lawyer may explain. After your Pasadena personal injury attorney informs you that there are four different classes of pain disorders, he or she may explain each one.

Mild Pain

Your Pasadena personal injury lawyer may describe mild pain in the following ways:
• Your pain severity is considered mild in terms of its intensity and frequency.
• Daily living activities only mildly aggravate your pain level. You can perform these activities with little or no modifications.
• You show little or no emotional response in relation to your pain.
• You do not receive treatment for your pain disorder regularly.
• If you experience any limitations related to your pain during a physical examination, these will be mild and proportionate. You will exhibit few pain behaviors or exaggerated expressions of pain, like a limp, grimace or moan.

Moderate Pain

Your Pasadena personal injury lawyer may describe moderate pain in the following ways

• The pain you experience is moderate, in terms of its frequency and intensity.
• Your daily living activities causes moderate difficulty to your pain management. You may tell your Pasadena personal injury lawyer that you have had to make substantial changes in order to perform these.
• You experience mild to moderate distress when you feel pain.
• You visit a doctor on a regular basis and consume medication to treat your pain.
• During a physical exam, you show pain-related limitations and several pain behaviors occur during this exam.

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