When a Lawsuit Is Your Best Option

San Gabriel personal injury attorney	Filing suit should be the last resort when pursuing a personal injury claim. However, a skilled San Gabriel personal injury attorney can explain when a lawsuit may be your best option to pursue compensation.

Small to Medium Injury Claims
When you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, it can be difficult to think of your injuries in terms of dollars and cents. However, that is exactly what the insurance adjuster will do. For claimants with relatively low medical bills or lost wages, the claim value will likely also be low. This may be especially true for soft tissue injuries. In these cases, adjusters often refuse to settle without forcing the claimant to file suit. Your San Gabriel personal injury lawyer can evaluate your case to give you a realistic estimate of how the adjuster will view it and what to expect if you have to file suit.

Your Attorney’s Reputation
It’s important to hire an injury attorney with a strong reputation. Adjusters do their homework on personal injury lawyers. If you choose a lawyer who doesn’t like to go to court, don’t be surprised if the adjuster lowballs or won’t offer settlement at all. Though court is the last resort, your attorney should be prepared to take your case there.

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