Large and Conservative Insurance Companies and Their Settlement Style

Pasadena personal injury attorneyWhile some adjusters may make dealing with the insurance company difficult, Pasadena injury attorneys attempt to be reasonable in working with them to settle your claim. When a Pasadena injury attorney discusses the style of settlement of an insurance adjuster, there are different things to consider about large national insurance companies and those that work for smaller companies.

Large Conservative Mindset

Your Pasadena injury attorney may explain that large insurance companies may not be scared of a lawsuit. Some may retain a Pasadena injury lawyer who can successfully handle small- and medium-sized cases in which jurors may only award medical bills or even less. If your case is less than $30,000, the task of your Pasadena injury lawyer is to resolve the case without using up thousands of dollars and spending years of time on litigation.


Your Pasadena injury attorney can explain how insurance adjusters must adopt the mindset of the insurance company for whom they work. These adjusters are sometimes given bonuses for quickly resolving cases for amounts that are close to the amount of medical bills that was incurred by the claimant. They may be further admired if the settlement amount includes little or nothing for pain and suffering. In this manner, they can resolve many cases for a figure well below their maximum settlement authority.

Legal Assistance

Many insurance carriers with these characteristics attempt to resolve cases without
Pasadena injury attorneys getting involved. However, an attorney from the Paul S. Norris Law Firm may be able to help you with your case. Call 626-993-4415 today.

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