How Insurance Companies Handle Claims

Pasadena personal injury attorneyTo win your personal injury case, you must retain a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Pasadena who knows how to effectively negotiate with the insurance companies.

How Adjusters Discuss and Handle Your Cases

Just as your personal injury lawyer in Pasadena will discuss the case with other lawyers, the adjusters will also meet together to discuss the case. They may conduct a “round table” discussion on your case, but such committee attention is not standard for every case. And the claims committee often consists of no more than the adjuster and a supervisor.

It will be important for your personal injury lawyer in Pasadena to explain to you that the adjusters will be unmoved by your stories of hardship resulting from injuries. Due to the wide variety of claims (from frivolous to catastrophic) to be handled, the adjusters will be primarily interested in hard numbers. These include:

a. the cost of medical bills
b. the mount of physical therapy and chiropractic treatments you received
c. your loss of income as verified by a doctor’s note.

How Adjusters Will Authorize Settlement

Insurance adjusters must receive authority from either a supervisor or claims manager when case is ready to be settled. Large national companies will usually grant authority in small increments, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Thus, the adjuster in your case is likely telling the truth when he claims that he must obtain authority to move from $17,000 to $20,000.

The adjuster will spend a decent amount of time on your file as he negotiates with your personal injury attorney in Pasadena. He may put in more hours if the case is extremely difficult, but adjusters typically don’t have too much time to review their cases every day.

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