Important Factors in Personal Injury Cases

Altadena personal injury lawyerPersonal injury claimants often want to know up front how much their case is going to be worth. But any Altadena personal injury lawyer will tell you that there is no simple answer to that question as it depends on a variety of factors, from the total cost of your medical bills and lost wages to what kind of evidence you have for your injury. Here are some lesser-known factors that might affect how your personal injury claim proceeds:

  • What you told the first medical professional your saw after your accident. The first caregiver you saw after you sustained your injury is an important source of information for both your Altadena personal injury lawyer and the insurer regarding how you acted after the injury. The medical history you give to the first caregiver will help establish the truth or falsity of your story. If you don’t mention any sort of accident to that caregiver, the defense will wonder why; and
  • The amount of time you took to report your injury. Both juries and adjusters are likely to think it suspicious if you waited a long time after your reported injury in order to file an accident or injury report with the insurer. If you turned down medical treatment at the scene of the accident but went to the emergency room a few days later, you and your Altadena personal injury attorney should be able to explain why.

The subjects that come up in personal injury cases are complicated. For more help, call an Altadena personal injury lawyer at the Paul S. Norris Law Firm at 626-993-4415.

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