Factors That Can Influence How Quickly a Personal Injury May Settle

Pasadena personal injury attorneyIf you’ve been injured in an accident, recovery is your number one priority. Getting compensated for your injuries can be equally important if your bills and lost wages mount. A Pasadena personal injury attorney can help you understand what to expect if you’ve filed a claim with an insurance company.

Factors That Influence Case Value
Insurance adjusters are paid to put a dollar value on injury claims. The adjuster needs an accurate picture of how much your injury impacts your personal and professional life. When an injury is new, it can be difficult to determine this figure since your future loss of earnings or medical bills are unknown.

Factors That Influence Settlement Time
Your Pasadena personal injury lawyer will work to compile medical bills, earning statements and other documents that support your claim for compensation. It’s usually necessary to wait until recovery is complete so the figure claimed for past and future damages is as accurate as possible. While your attorney can’t guarantee the certainty, amount or timeframe for settlement, he or she can use their years of experience handling accident claims to give you an informed estimate. If no settlement is offered, your attorney can discuss your other options, such as filing a lawsuit against the person who caused your accident.

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