Factors That Affect the Value of Your Case

Pasadena personal injury law firm	As you work your way through your personal injury case, the Pasadena personal injury law firm that represents you may discuss factors that can affect the value of your claim.


The underlying question that your Pasadena personal injury attorney will seek to answer is how negligent the defendant was. The clearer the question of liability, the stronger your case is and the more likely that you will receive a higher settlement offer. However, if liability proof is weaker, the value of your case significantly declines.

Comparative Negligence

The Pasadena personal injury law firm that represents you can explain this legal term. It refers to how much you were responsible for the accident. Traditionally, the amount of the accident that is attributed to you will reduce a proportionate amount of your recovery. For example, if you sustained damages valued at $100,000 and the jury finds you 40 percent at fault, your recovery would be $60,000. This value represents the amount of your damages less the amount that you caused. If there is no way that you can be found to be at fault or can only be found to have minimally contributed to the accident, the value of your claim will not be substantially affected. Motorcycle cases and slip and fall cases often involve a defendant who raises comparative negligence as a defense.

If you would like to learn more about the potential factors that could affect the value of your claim, contact the Pasadena personal injury law firm of Paul S. Norris Law Firm by calling 626-993-4415.

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