Don’t Fall for Adjuster Tricks: a Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyer Explains

Pasadena personal injury lawyer Insurance adjusters can carry a wide variety of strategies in their bag of tricks. A skilled Pasadena personal injury lawyer offers some useful guidance in the paragraphs below.

Your Pasadena Personal Injury Attorney Explains “Canvassing The Neighborhood”
By using this stratagem to gather information about you from your neighbors, the adjuster may see himself or herself in an investigative light. Adjusters employing this tactic refer to it as a “sub rosa investigation” or an “activity check” through which they do just that. They question the people who live near you about your daily activities. What they are looking for is information that could undermine your claim. To accomplish this, they might ask questions like these:

  • Have you noticed the claimant working out of doors? Trimming trees? How about mowing the lawn?
  • How well does the claimant seem to get around? Do you have any reason to believe that Mr. Anyone can’t do for himself?
  • Have you noticed the claimant rotating the tires or changing the oil on his car or anything like that?
  • Did you know that Mr. Anyone says that he has a disability?

Help or Harm
Your claim probably won’t suffer serious harm if one or two of the questions above have positive answers. If your neighbors can say, however, that they’ve observed you doing things that a person with your impairment should clearly be unable to do, the adjuster’s next step is to acquire proof.

Next Steps
An adjuster can’t base a denial of your claim on hearsay. The investigator hired by the adjuster will be responsible for providing photographs or videotapes that show you engaged in tasks or activities that should not be possible for someone with your impairment. Normally, a private company will be engaged to conduct the surveillance, thus sparing the adjuster’s time.

Be Prepared
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