The Differences Between Major and Minor Injuries

Monrovia personal injury attorneyNot all personal injury cases result in broken bones or permanent scars. Some cases involve minor claims that do not result in lasting or permanent injury. The victim in such injuries will still be able to resume all normal activities as before the injury. These injuries can be legitimate grounds for you and your Monrovia personal injury attorney to file a personal injury claim, but there are some considerations:

Type of Injury

The insurance carrier, when reviewing your claim, will review your medical records and documentation to determine if they see any problems. It is common for insurers to claim that a minor injury must have existed prior to the accident or that the accident was not the direct cause of your injury but merely exacerbated it. These tactics will be familiar to your Monrovia personal injury attorney.

Objective vs. Subjective

Unfortunately, while subjective injuries are real, they are also difficult to prove. Insurance carriers know this, and they frequently dispute that subjective nonobservable injury claims are genuine. Even if they accept your claim of a sprain or other musculoligamentous injury, they might try to downplay its effects or severity because they know you and your Monrovia personal injury attorney will not be able to point it out on an x-ray or other record. Be prepared for a fight if you are claiming subjective injuries.

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