How Your Attorney Can Help Prepare You to Give Deposition Testimony

Pasadena personal injury lawyer Depositions are a routine part of pursuing a lawsuit in a personal injury claim. A skilled Pasadena personal injury lawyer can help prepare you for what to expect.

How Depositions Are Used in a Personal Injury Case
Secret witnesses and surprise evidence are a myth when it comes to real lawsuits. Both parties to a personal injury case are entitled to know what witnesses will be called and what they have to say ahead of time. Depositions are used so that your Pasadena personal injury attorney can hear what the defendant and other witnesses will testify to at trial. Likewise, the defendant will have the opportunity to hear your testimony before trial.

Basic Tips for Giving Deposition Testimony
You must provide sworn testimony during a deposition just like if you were on a witness stand in court. Therefore, be honest when answering questions. Don’t volunteer information that wasn’t asked of you. Speak clearly and dress professionally. Your attorney will likely also caution you to remain calm. You may feel emotional or angry at the defendant or his lawyer, but don’t show it. In addition to hearing your testimony, the defense attorney is also gauging what kind of witness you’ll make in court. Losing your cool or showing hostility can make you appear unsympathetic to a jury down the road.

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